Artists’ Private Collections project

Artists’ Private Collections is a web project that rediscovers, in a completely new and original way, the internal mechanisms of the artist community, virtually recreating the relational and exchange bonds that exist inside it. The website looks like a dynamic museum and gives us a glimpse of the world of artists, as well as the possibility to show works that in some cases have never been exhibited before, because they have not entered the art market or the circle of millionaire collectors, and whose importance lies not in their intrinsic economic value, but in the web of relationships they express. The work, especially produced for Modernikon, was conceived as an open, long-term program, involving a potentially infinite, worldwide expansion of the virtual artist community. — Modernikon, Contemporary Art from Russia

Every artist has his own art collection. Usually, these are the works presented by friends-artists or random works that were purchased or found a way to land in the house. Such collections emerge spontaneously and are often not even regarded as a collection by the owner. These works are kept at home or in the studio and are unavailable to general viewers. Artists’ Private Collections is a virtual museum, a collection that is created from works owned by artists.

Artists’ Private Collections pick up artists’ home collections and opens them to all interested viewers. The collections are united into a huge network where the work of art becomes a link connecting various artists.

Artists’ Private Collections is utopia that implemented in the virtual space. Desired by many authors, the art autonomy from the market, curators and other intermediaries between the artist, the work and the spectator find its place in the social network of informal relations between artists, where the bridge is a work of art. Critical pathos of the project is not confined to a denial of determinate mode of existence of the art world, but offers a positive alternative to tying a strictly private space with artists’ studios as a public Internet space.
Artists’ Private Collections is the research, where the artist becomes a contemporary art institution, without losing anything inherent in him as an author, but acquiring the new degree of the «institutional» freedom. Artists’ Private Collections is the archive, which creates its own community, and at the same time, it is — a community that is implemented in the archive.
As such, the project has no material body. Mechanism inherent in the base of the project and its form-building principle is a work of art. This system concentrates the interrelated forces, transforming them into interdependent, while focusing on the work of art. Each new attempt of the physical representation of the project allows to fix the interim results of a study where the researcher and his material — the artists and their works.

У каждого художника есть собственная коллекция произведений искусства. Чаще всего это работы подаренные друзьями-художниками, но также это могут быть купленные или случайно попавшие к художнику произведения. Собрание таких произведений формируется стихийно и зачастую не воспринимается владельцем как коллекция. Эти работы хранятся дома или в мастерских и абсолютно недоступны зрителю. — это виртуальный музей, собрание которого формируется из произведений, владельцами которых являются сами художники. Artists’ Private Collections фиксирует домашние коллекции художников и открывает доступ к ним всем заинтересованным зрителям. Множество таких коллекций объединяются в огромную сеть потенциально выходящую  за рамки локального контекста.

Artists’ Private Collections – это реализованная в виртуальном пространстве утопия. Искомая многими авторами, автономия искусства от рынка, кураторов и прочих посредников между художником, произведением и зрителем находит свое место в социальной сети неформальных связей между художниками, где связующим звеном является произведение искусства. Критический пафос проекта не сводиться к отрицанию наличного модуса существования  арт-мира, а предлагает позитивную альтернативу связывая сугубо приватные пространства мастерских художников с максимально публичным пространством Интернета.

Artists’ Private Collections – это исследовательский процесс, где художник превращается в институцию современного искусства, не теряя при этом ничего присущего ему как автору, но приобретая новые степени исключительно «институциональной» свободы. Artists’ Private Collections – это архив, который создает свое сообщество и, одновременно, это – сообщество которое реализуется в архиве.

Как  таковой  проект  не обладает материальным телом. Механизм заложенный в основание проекта и являющийся его формообразующим принципом и есть произведение  искусства. Это система концентрирующая взаимосвязанные силы, превращая их во взаимозависимые, сфокусированная при этом на произведении искусства. Каждая новая попытка материальной репрезентации проекта позволяет зафиксировать промежуточный результат исследования, где и исследователь и его материал –  художники и их произведения.

Annual report

This photograph shows another representation of the project Artists’ Private Collections. The site was opened in September 2010. By the end of the year there was a huge archives of works. Based on analysis of project materials, I draw conclusions regarding the interpersonal relationships of artists, contemporary art market, etc.

Годовой отчёт

В рамках параллельной программы арт-ярмарки COSMOSCOW, Artists’ Private Collections представил годовой отчет деятельности сайта Сайт был открыт в сентябре 2010 года и за это время был собран огромный архив произведений, по преимуществу российских авторов. На основании данных из этого архива мы делаем выводы касающиеся межличностных отношений художников, рынка современного искусства и др.
Информация в проекте «Годовой отчет» представлена в виде графиков, диаграмм и формул. Как это ни парадоксально, данные «Годового отчета» Artists’ Private Collections вполне применимы для анализа всей арт-системы в целом.

Красный Октябрь

Presentation / Modernikon

Exhibition view

Each group of photos on the walls is artist’s collection. All collections connected by color lines. This lines indicate one artist’ s occurrence in collection of another artist. Installation represents structure of realationships between artworks’ author and artworks’ owners. There are computers in the center of the room where you can see details of the project by visiting the website

Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo
Turin, Italy

«The works of Anastasia Ryabova oscillate between a predominantly formal expression and a socially engaged art that is the product of a polemical, critical attitude towards her context, expressed through unusual media. Using her unconventional irony, the artist often deals with sensitive issues and existential or social problems, such as drug abuse in young people, political corruption or consumption addiction in capitalist societies.
One of the central aspects of her poetics is the meta-artistic reflection, which takes the form of projects and works made in collaboration with other young artists, and of research on the internal functioning mechanisms of the art community, starting from the local group to which she herself belongs. Collective participation is an essential aspect in the research of Anastasia Ryabova, who is currently working at a large-scale web project aimed at virtually recreating the relationship and exchange ties formed by people in the art community. is a dynamic museum, whose central compositional elements are the private collections of individual artists, each of them containing works by other colleagues. Every artist involved in the project was given a personal page containing data about the works included in the collection, and images that show how they are arranged and exhibited in their private houses. All the works are, in turn, linked to their author’s page and to their personal collections, so that visitors of this virtual museum can easily move between different artists, exploring their web of relations and discovering, in a completely new and unique way, the existence of a community where you can still find the anthropological mechanisms of gift and exchange. gives a glimpse into the private sphere of the artist world, allowing to view works that in some cases were never exhibited, because they did not enter the art market or the circles of millionaire collectors, works whose importance does not lie in their intrinsic economic value, but is the result of the web of relationships they express. The project can be said to have an intimate, but not individualistic, character, and was conceived as an open long-term program, involving a potentially infinite expansion of the virtual art community in the future.»

Irene Calderoni, «Modernikon, Contemporary Art from Russia», 2010